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1 Allen, Deseret_DNP_2021Allen, DeseretDecreasing Vaping Among Adolescents Using a School-Based Prevention Toolkit for EducatorsDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
2 Amalaraj, Victoria_MSN_2023Amalaraj, VictoriaImproving Medication Education for the Float NurseMaster of Nursing (MSN)2023
3 Andrus, Charlotte_MSN_2023Andrus, CharlotteImproving Access to Healthcare: Creation of an Online Prenatal Education ProgramMaster of Nursing (MSN)2023
4 Archibald, Shane_DNP_2021Archibald, Shane A. MSN, TNCCPreparing Nurses in Communities to Respond to Local Disasters: A Quality Improvement ProjectDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
5 Bailey, Kristi_MSN_2023Bailey, KristiCare of the Oncology CaregiverMaster of Nursing (MSN)2023
6 Barney, Megan_DNP_2021Barney, Megan A. MS, CRNADevelopment of Protocols, Guidelines and Processes for Adverse Anesthesia Events, Recovery, and Discharge in Pediatric Dental OfficesDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
7 Barrus, Amber_DNP_2022Barrus, Amber J.Secure Family AttachmentDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
8 Bennee, Shauna_DNP_2022Bennee, ShaunaLifestyle Changes for Cholesterol BenefitDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
9 Bennett, Kristina_DNP_2021Bennett, KristinaA Breast Cancer Transition Pathway for the Huntsman Cancer InstituteDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
10 Bird, Kaitlin_DNP_2022Bird, KaitlinDecreasing Public Nurse Burnout Through Mobile TechnologyDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
11 Bishop, Angela Sue_DNP_2022Bishop, Angela SueLift Up, Reach Up: Promoting Depression Care of Older Adults in Assisted LivingDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
12 Blacker, Marie_DNP_2021Blacker, Marie L. MSN, APRN, NP-CImplementation of a Clinical Pathway for Outpatient Management of Oncological Neutropenic FeverDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
13 Boyce, Chelsie_MSN_2023Boyce, ChelsieNurse Education on Postpartum ComplicationsMaster of Nursing (MSN)2023
14 Brower, Devon_DNP_2022Brower, Devon L.Improving Clinician Identification of Human Trafficking in an Emergency DepartmentDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
15 Bryson, Angala_DNP_2021Bryson, AngalaImplementation of Pediatric early Warning Signs Guideline in a Rural Community HospitalDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
16 Butterfield, Roxanne_DNP_2021Butterfield, Roxanne MSN, RN, CRRNCerebrovascular Accident Education and Follow-up CareDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
17 Butterfield_D. Elise_DNP_2022Butterfield, D. EliseImproving Advance Directive Education for Assisted Living Patients and Their FamiliesDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
18 Celis, Claudia_DNP_2022Celis, ClaudiaImplementation of Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Clinic Among Inner City Ogden ResidentsDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
19 Christensen, Celeste_DNP_2022Christensen, CelesteImproving Adolescents' Mental Health by Teaching Healthy Life SkillsDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
20 Clark, Heather_DNP_2021Clark, Heather MSN, RNAddressing Burnout in Intermountain Homecare and Hospice NursesDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
21 Clyde, Laura_DNP_2021Clyde, LauraImproving Future Provider Confidence in Vaccination Discussions Through Simulation ExperiencesDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
22 Cox, Thomas_DNP_2022Cox, ThomasReducing Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients using the Community-Based Approach in Ogden, UtahDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
23 Crook, Judi_MSN_2023Crook, JudiStructured Orientation Program for Newly Hired NursesMaster of Nursing (MSN)2023
24 D'Ausilio, Jamie_DNP_2022D'Ausilio, JamieImplementing a Resiliency Coaching Program to Decrease Burnout in Front-line NursesDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2022
25 Daines, Emily_DNP_2021Daines, Emily RN, MSN, FNP-CScreening Adolescents for Social Determinants of Health in Pediatric Primary CareDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)2021
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