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1 001_Anderson, Jerry OH13_0012015Anderson, Jerry, Interviewee; Baica, Tiffany, Interviewer
2 001_Anderson, Kurt OH13_0022015Anderson, Kurt, Interviewee; Horowitz, Sarah, Interviewer; Haggerty, Rachel, Technician
3 001_Bachman, Mike OH13_0032015Bachman, Mike, Interviewee; Boehm, Chelsee, Interviewer; Jones, Cameron, Technician
4 001_Bailey, Ruth and Eugene OH13_0042015Bailey, Ruth and Eugene, Interviewee; Jouffray, Christine, Interviewer; Jones, Cameron, Technician
5 001_Grant, Calvin OH13_0052015Grant, Calvin, Interviewee; Tietz, Jennifer, Interviewer; Jones, Cameron, Technician
6 001_Keoppel, Ralph OH13_0062015Keoppel, Ralph, Interviewee; Haggerty, Rachel, Interviewer; Horowitz, Sarah, Technician
7 001_Lamb, Jerald OH13_0072015Lamb, Jerald, Interviewee; Jones, Cameron, Interviewer
8 001_Lamb, Royal OH13_0082015Lamb, Royal, Interviewee; Jones, Cameron, Interviewer
9 001_Lovell, Rick OH13_0092015Lovell, Rick, Interviewee; Lougy, Deanna, Interviewer; Catlin, Cheryl, Technician
10 001_Patterson, Kim OH13_0102015Patterson, Kim, Interviewee; Catlin, Cheryl, Interviewer; Lougy, Deanna, Technician
11 002_1917_StockyardArticle1917
12 014_1930_Blueprints_New1930
13 031_1931_SiteMap_New1931
14 032_1932_LivestockDigest_New1932
15 033_1933_LivestockDigest1933
16 081_1977_GoldenSpikeColiseum1977
17 100_1998_BuildingbytheRailyard1998
18 102_2014_Groundbreaking2014
19 103_2014_USHSPresentation2014
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