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1 522_1965_Frank G. Schlegel to Weston BourretText
2 527_1971_Weston Bourret to Bill KeysText
3 528_1971_Weston Bourret to Georges OrdonezText
4 529_1971_Weston Bourret to Stephen G. Kent Jr.Text
5 531_1971_Weston Bourret to Jose Louis MontemayorText
6 532_1971_Weston Bourret to Fred M. G. SullivanText
7 533_1971_Weston Bourret to Rafael Rey JohnsonText
8 534_1971_Weston Bourret to Stephen G. Kent Jr.Text
9 535_1971_Huge Douglas to Javier Ramirez FigueroaText
10 536_1971_Weston Bourret to Iris SanfordText
11 537_1971_Weston Bourret to Fred M. G. SullivanText
12 538_1971_Weston Bourret to Philip B. DettmerText
13 543_1971_Weston Bourret to University of Texas PressText
14 544_1971_John A. Ronveaux to James T. CurryText
15 548_1971_Weston Bourret to Carlos Sanchez MejoradaText
16 550_1971_Weston Bourret to Georges OrdonezText
17 553_1971_Weston Bourret to David CoolbaughText
18 563_1972_Hugh Douglas to Y. HamanakaText
19 564_1972_Weston Bourret to Emilio Tuero TamayoText
20 565_1972_Weston Bourret to Guillermo P. SalasText
21 566_1972_J. H. Hannan to Weston BourretText
22 569_1972_Weston Bourret to Pedro Sanchez MejoradaText
23 570_1972_Weston Bourret to Alfredo RodriquezText
24 572_1972_Weston Bourret to Alfredo RodriguezText
25 573_1972_A. I. Rodriguez to Weston BourretText
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