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1 Armstrong, Claude and Ward OH12_0422013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
2 Baker, Walter OH1_0012006Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_wwii
3 Bingham, L.G. OH12_0292013Sound; Textwsu_webda_oh
4 Buss, Walter OH4_0291981Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_oh
5 Cantwell, Sally OH3_055 Video Clip2022Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_oh
6 Dr. Wolthius, Bart OH9_0301995Sound; Image/StillImage; Textwsu_webda_oh
7 Elliott, Bud OH1_0042005Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_wwii
8 Grant, Bergetta OH1_0092005Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_wwii
9 Hansen, Christian P. OH4_0421978Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_oh
10 Kelly, Brent OH15_0202018Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
11 Korgenski, Marcy OH12_0442013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
12 Lane, Colleen OH12_0452013Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
13 Love, Norma OH12_0462013Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
14 Money, Steve OH15_0322018Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
15 Moore, Willie F. OH9_0262001Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
16 Nopper, Cyril OH12_0482013Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
17 Perry, Bruce OH12_0492013Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
18 Pettit, Joy and Gay Kershaw OH12_0362013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
19 Roberts, Althea OH12_0372013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
20 Ross, Ron OH12_0502013Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
21 Ruiz, Joe & Carrie OH15_0272021Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
22 Ryujin, Max OH12_0382013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
23 Serio, Dena OH12_0392013Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_webda_oh
24 Stewart, Elizabeth OH4_0391974Text; Sound; Image/StillImagewsu_oh
25 VanLeeuwen, Glen OH12_0512013Image/MovingImage; Image/StillImage; Text; Soundwsu_webda_oh
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